Time Stand Still

Just stop!  Freeze the time.  Is there a potion, a magical ritual that can be done to hold this time for as long as possible?  If only…

They drain me.  Literally, but I love it.  Their shrieks, their laughs, their cheekiness.  They are cute in their own way.  Cunning, smart, mischievous.  Yet they are as lovable as they can be.  We ended up last week on a positive note.  A surprise party was held in honour of Silvan, our foundation’s president.  The children danced and had special lunch, consisting of Khmer noodles, a typical local dish of noodles, fish and a variety of herbs and edible flowers.  They watched the cartoons Moana, revising the lesson regarding the ocean.  Never have they been so quiet.  Then the sweetest moment when they spontaneously clapped the happy ending.  They remind us that deep down their childhood is still present.

We did not suffer Monday blues this morning.  Our weekend was dull and too silent away from them.  Yesterday evening we prepared pizza dough with the intent to make some homemade pizza for them.  We picked them up from school and they were overjoyed.  As soon as they were out of school each came to show us their copybooks – as today they received some school results.  They were so happy to show us their achievements; me 1st, me 5th, me 7th and so forth.  The walk back to SFODA filled the air with songs, laughs, cuddles and tickles.  We played games, but today was mostly about dancing and pizza.  It was a first for us so we were not sure to achieve the desired results.  It turned out to be delicious, finger licking good.  They asked for a second and third serving.  Some even aided in the making.

I realise that the connection with these children grows stronger every year and everyday of our time here.  I’ve come to understand that they know who is behind the t-shirts we wear.  They no longer ask if we will be back – they state it.  Fills my heart to know that in whatever way makes sense to them we have become part of their stability in life.