What is Xemx?

XEMX, is a newly designed programme with the intention to help youths and families into learning a trade. The idea of XEMX first started when Reaching Cambodia founders saw the children growing into youths and possibilities for these youths were very limited. Even though it’s possible in Cambodia to pursue higher education, this comes at a hefty cost which most of these youths’ families are not able to afford.

XEMX is a set to give a concrete contribution, through education, whilst also giving safe job opportunities to marginalised youths who finished their primary education and who now have no next stepping stone or have dropped out of school due to financial reasons or social problems.

Reaching Cambodia started working on the programme early 2015 and throughout the year designed and developed the idea on paper. On the 12th February 2016; XEMX Programme was launched. 5 students were enrolled for this pilot programme at first.  3 graduated at the end of the first year and proceeded to their second year of learning and training.

The idea of XEMX is that students learn the tailoring trade. Items are designed and produced by hand with materials coming from Cambodia.  Each student, throughout the first year course shall learn the basics of the tailoring trade and produce their first perfectly finished products.  A second year is ideal to continue mastering the skill and the future will tell us if another year should be included in the course.  Throughout their studies, students are also exposed to learning English in order to be able to communicate with clients and understand their needs when a particular item is requested.  At the end of the scholastic year they are enrolled in an apprenticeship programme and their performance is evaluated hands on in a working environment.

It just doesn’t stop there. Students receive a stipend which aids them with personal costs and also aids them into helping their families with some basic income. The stipend is equal to an adult’s monthly wage as a scavenger.  It also increases in the second year of learning.

When students graduate, post the 1-year course, they can opt to continue their studies with XEMX,  otherwise XEMX offers them aid in finding a decent job opportunity in the industry whilst earning fair wages and in safe, decent environments.


XEMX means ‘Sun’ in Maltese language. The Sun gives hope, it shines the way through and that is what Reaching Cambodia wanted to give. A combination of both countries, Cambodia and Malta and the name XEMX was deemed as fittest.

How does XEMX work?

Launched in early February 2016, the first basic sewing machines were set up for the training, and other materials were purchased to use for the sewing classes as needed.

Classes take place in an already designated workshop which also serve as the premises for XEMX shop. The current mini-shop is available for visiting from volunteers and tourists, and the products are now also available for purchase during fundraising events or pre-ordered in advance.  The plan for the future is to set up fully functional shop  in Cambodia whilst products will be available for online purchase.

The second year follows on the same steps. Students shall be enrolled whilst the then qualified students train and create new items. The best trainees in the first year might also be selected as a trainer for the next few years of the project.  Only really interested students are selected for this programme.

Reaching Cambodia’s vision is to have XEMX becoming self-sustainable and hence through the income generated, more students can be enrolled, more skills will be offered and also more services to help Cambodian communities will be available. The duration of the project is indefinite and it will be re-evaluated upon the completion of the third year to ensure the integrity of the project.


Why Do We Care and Why Should You?

We have seen how a small act of support can make a big difference in someone’s life which makes us passionate about our work. The support you provide will help in making a change in a person’s life and to an extent also change in the student’s family’s life, and we are committed to help you make this change happen.

Your help to support this project is greatly appreciated.  Donate through our bank account details to help support this project.

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