The mission statement to help and improve the lives of poor orphan and street children in Cambodia is always on our agenda.

Our projects today have expanded so much that we are helping entire communities with basic life necessities. These include education, potable water, hygiene, medicine, food and much much more.  Reaching Cambodia has also been recognised locally for the huge positive impact the organisation has made in Cambodian communities.

Reaching Cambodia is proud to offer volunteering placements 2 weeks long.  Our proud programme is designed to be efficient and community based.  Requirements for Volunteering are only THREE: RESPECT towards communities, RESPONSIBILITY and MATURITY.

Joining one of our groups means you are part of a single team, in a bigger picture.  It also means that one has to be a team player and abide by the foundation’s rules.  Volunteers have a series of preparatory meetings ranging from discussions, and meeting professionals such as teacher, lawyer, doctor, psychologist… all of which are very important meetings to which every volunteer should be responsible enough to attend to.  These are as equally important as the placement itself.  Reaching Cambodia team guides each and every group of volunteers and offers assistance on a personal and group basis from the very beginning and also post the return from Cambodia.

We appreciate the quality of volunteers over the quantity.

Our policy

Being a Responsible Volunteer – what does it mean?

  • Respect towards the communities we work with, abiding by their laws, rules and embracing the culture.
  • A responsible volunteer is not focused on just the voluntary experience but is involved prior and post placement within the organization.
  • A volunteering experience is given credit when volunteers are willing to dedicate themselves in helping sustain projects and work hard before their departure.
  • Prior to the placement the volunteers are required to fundraise and encouraged to attend fundraising events of the organisation to help out, additionally anyone interested is welcome to help us with the organisation of such events.
  • Volunteers will be given training prior to their volunteering placement in Cambodia.  Commitment for training is very important.
  • An open mind is required and one must keep one at all times.  It is a fact that what is within the ‘norm’ in Malta is not in Cambodia and vice-versa.
  • Any volunteers who do not abide by the foundation’s rules and regulations can be terminated at any point in time.

Minimum age required is that of 18 years of age at the time of travel.

Daily Schedule

09:00 – 16:00   Daily plans at a residential centre, home to 55 – 60 children

Information about daily routine

The centre is home to around 55 – 60 children and a volunteer duty is to organise a fun day for the children filled with different activities.   The activities are planned before the group’s departure during the preparatory sessions and these include: yoga for children, fun subjects where children learn different vocabulary in a fun setting, craft lessons, games, cooking & physical activity just to name a few.  It includes also academic subjects such as Maths and English and may vary accordingly to the child’s level of education.  Throughout the day, the volunteer is expected to give children attention, care & fun teachings together with aiding in the daily chores of the centre such as help with cooking, washing clothes and gardening, where staff grows crops used for the centre’s sustainability.  

Volunteer Quarters

The quarters for volunteers are available through a partner Volunteer NGO of Reaching Cambodia and are not run by Reaching Cambodia.  This is done so that volunteers are safe and well cared for throughout their placement in Cambodia.  They are situated 15min drive away from the working placement in Phnom Penh, Cambodia’s capital.  The cost for the services provided by the Volunteer NGO is collected prior to placement so that it is transferred to the NGO on time before your arrival.

The services provided by the Volunteer NGO:

  • Airport/Bus station transfer
  • Food (3 meals daily) and accommodation for the duration of your stay
  • City tour on the first Sunday: visiting S21, Royal Palace and Buddhist Temple
  • Khmer language lessons
  • A Cambodian Volunteer Coordinator will be available for any immediate needs during your stay.

The volunteers’ quarters are basic yet comfortable.  The volunteers share rooms between 2 to 4 people within their group.  Some bedrooms are equipped with 1 or 2 double beds.  Each room is equipped with an AC and WI-FI facilities.  The volunteers decide their sleeping arrangements in the rooms.  Each bedroom has a private bathroom.  Rooms have lockers where one can store important items e.g. passport.

There is a neighborhood watch for extra security.

The quarters have a common dining room.  All meals are provided by the quarters’ staff.  You will not be cooking your own food, however you are free to inform us of any allergies, intolerance or foods which you do not eat.  Breakfast and dinner are provided at the quarters.  Lunch is delivered at your working placement.

The quarters have a roof garden where volunteers can relax at the end of the day.

During the placement, Reaching Cambodia members will be available through social media, SKYPE, WhatsApp or Viber for any immediate issues that may arise related to the voluntary placement.

Group Placements

2019 Volunteer Group Intake : Kindly note that applications for 2019 are now CLOSED!!


2020 Volunteer Group Intake

Important Notes

* Group 1: Standart/International Group: The group is open to foreigners living abroad and also residents in Malta.  If interested kindly email us on volunteer@reaching-cambodia.com so that we can send you the necessary information.

** Group 4: Families Group: Parents or guardians together with children under 18 years of age are eligible to apply.  Please note that at least one parent/guardian should accompany the child.  If interested kindly email us on volunteer@reaching-cambodia.com.  Please note that the placement duties are different from the Standard Groups.


Interested?  How to Apply?

Every so often an Introductory meeting is held for all those interested to know more about the volunteering placement.  All one has to do, is:

  1. Send an email on volunteer@reaching-cambodia.com.
  2. Write some information about you and why you are interested in doing the voluntary experience.  Send us any questions you may have at this stage after reading the (FAQs)
  3. We shall  forward the necessary information about your placement details at our earliest possible.
  4. Following the information provided one is free to decide if this voluntary experience is suitable for your expectations.

Next Introductory Meeting will be held on Monday 11th November 2019.  (Meeting in October is fully booked)  Please send an email to reserve your spot for the meeting.  Each group has a limited number of 10 people and these are booked on a first come first served basis – placements cannot be reserved.

Documents and deposit needed to book and secure your Placement

  • Fill in form and return together with ALL the documents requested here under (Application Form 2020)
  • SCANNED copy of Passport
  • Letter of Reference (can be written by a friend)
  • Recent (not more than 6 months) ORIGINAL Police Conduct
  • Deposit of €250.00 to secure placement (Deposit is non-refundable)

Documents should be sent via traditional post, addressed to:

  • Reaching Cambodia Foundation, 42, Triq Orlando Zabbar, Xghajra XJR 1404.
  • Deposit can be sent via cheque or transfer.

If you have any further questions check out our Freuqently Asked Questions page (FAQs) regarding the volunteering placement.  If you have any additional questions, you can Contact Us for further information or send an email on volunteer@reaching-cambodia.com 

No act of Kindness, however small is ever wasted – Aesop