Sponsor A Career Programme

Reaching Cambodia is a registered non-profit, voluntary organization set up with the mission statement to help and improve the lives of poor, orphan and street children of Cambodia.  Today, Reaching Cambodia has expanded into helping youths and their families thus widening its help to everyone in need.


XEMX, meaning ’Sun’ in Maltese language is Reaching Cambodia’s sister project.  XEMX was a result of a strong will to help children who were turning into teenagers and their possibilities were diminishing.  Those who lost a chance to get a proper education, now have a chance to a better future.  The need to extend our help to these youths resulted in designing XEMX.  XEMX has been set up to provide a possibility towards a brighter better future by introducing an education/working environment.  Marginalised youths, now, have the possibility to develop a career which would enable them to earn a dignified job with a fair pay.

XEMX plans to open different learning skills.  Our selected students shall be learning English language whilst learning a skill.  Today, XEMX has opened offering tailoring skills which will be mastered throughout a one year course.

Sponsor a Career is a sponsorship programme.  It enables an individual, known as the Patron, to support an underprivileged youth develop a path with the right skills and knowledge.  It helps them build self-esteem and learning abilities that would provide dignified jobs.

14925760_592078980982683_6241316706190404059_nThe project is set up in a way to start a ripple effect where families will acknowledge their children as actual role models of their own future and that of next generations.  It is a long process but eventually with your help, we will get there.

The cost of the course is of $2,460 per student and therefore more than one patron is needed to support a student throughout the course.

The Sponsorship provides:-

  • Education in mastering a skill
  • English language learning
  • Study material; stationery, books tools etc.
  • $30.00 monthly stipend if student in 1st year/ $50.00 monthly stipend if student in 2nd year
  • Apprenticeship work to gain experience in the working world
  • Guarantee of a dignified job at the end of the course
  • Certificate upon completion of the first and second year respectively

€ 300.00 for one year can support a youth in need.

Advantages of being a Patron

  • The sponsorship is established for a year, therefore it is not a long term commitment
  • If one wishes to continue supporting youths, every year a new student is paired to the Patron
  • Updates from XEMX regarding your sponsored youth received from time to time
  • Through the Patron’s donation youths together with their families can dream of a better future.

 Contact us on: childsponsor@reaching-cambodia.com should you wish to ‘Sponsor a Career’ or if you have any further questions.

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