Project Funding

YOU Support… WE Deliver


This is the motto we abide by.  Reaching Cambodia’s main principle is to deliver.  We are not just any other organisation.  99% of the money collected goes towards causes supported leaving only 1% that goes towards administrative costs.

We believe in community development and sustainability and our projects reflect exactly that.

In 2015, Reaching Cambodia committed with Les Restaurants des Enfants (LRDE) towards sustaining various projects (hair-cuts, hygiene material, and food for Komarchey orphanage) for the duration of 12 months.  Reaching Cambodia, also supplied 130 uniforms for poor & street children through LRDE.  SFODA Orphange was also supplied with meat monthly and medicine.  Throughout 2015, research to open XEMX started enabling us to open our doors in 2016.


Throughout the team’s trip to Cambodia, as per tradition, diverse children were rewarded with a pool trip, a picnic lunch at a local playing field and a fun park outing.

In 2016, Reaching Cambodia was able to extend the sustainability of all the projects for a further 12 months and also increase the number of projects being financed by adding transportation costs for a number of children to LRDE.  The project was stopped three months due to discontinuation of project on behalf of receiving organisation.

In February 2016, XEMX took off, and thus Reaching Cambodia officially extended it’s help towards youths and their families instead of aiding children only.

Reaching Cambodia partnered with Enfants Souririe Khmer for the first time financing the repairs and renovations in a boys’ house.

In addition The Volunteer Education Programme was introduced.  This involved all the expenses incurred for training of volunteers and also all the material needed from volunteers to carry out their teachings in addition to a small sum given to each group by Reaching Cambodia to supply SFODA or LRDE with some very basic necessities (NGO choice depending solely on the volunteers).

During the team’s trip, Maltese lunch was cooked and 115 children enjoyed a trip to the pool.


As of this year, 2017, new projects have been formulated.  All funds will be allocated between three direct beneficiaries; SFODA Orphange, XEMX and ESK.  With an MOU signed with SFODA, Reaching Cambodia has committed to support the orphanage with a minimum of $1,500.00 monthly in addition to a $100.00 donation in kinds from each group of volunteers, supplied through Reaching Cambodia and donations in kinds from volunteer groups and Reaching Cambodia alike.  The $1,500.00 monthly are divided between food and staff salaries, where food takes up the absolute majority of the donations.  In addition to all a healthcare programme is in place where an additional $600.00 are donated yearly for medical attention needed by the children of SFODA.

Celebrations for International Children’s Day birthday party on the 1st of June were on our target and achieved and Christmas party at SFODA is still on our target.

XEMX has improved to launch the 2nd year for some of the students who expressed their interest to continue and a new students have been enrolled.

ESK has also asked for financial help to renovate the girls’ house.  Check out table for a current project update including already supplied projects for 2017 and also pending ones.


Some of the plans for 2018 have been ongoing and continued to build up from the previous years.

SFODA Orphanage has been finally recognised as a Residential Centre and has received it’s accreditation from the government, being one of the very few centres with such a recognition.  In 2018, a medical project at the centre has been launched.  Being such a detailed project, this can be found at the link: Medical Project.  SFODA Residential centre, being extremely happy with Reaching Cambodia’s collaboration have requested to renew the MOU, which Reaching Cambodia has agreed to.  Reaching Cambodia has agreed to aiding with one time per year wage bonus to the staff amounting to $500.oo.  As per the other benefits that SFODA Residential centre were already benefitting of in 2017, there will be no changes in 2018.

XEMX has proceeded it’s operations, increasing the monthly stipends given to the students.

ESK will continue to benefit from funds raised,being a very reliable organisation.  In 2018 a permaculture project in Battanbang will be launched to aid communities with growing and farming their own crops free of chemical products and with an eco-friendly watering solution.

Other projects are new and proceeding slowly and steadily.  A breakdown of this year’s expenses, the plans and dreams will be published shortly.


Throughout 2018 a number of projects were kicked off.  The most important of all was the ‘Medical Project’.  Throughout the year the number of children at SFODA increased and so did the monthly donation towards support of food.

XEMX sewing school developed and the project became one that would help those individuals who wished to develop their skills in any aspect by paying for their tuition at other centres.

In 2018 the permaculture project in Battanbang kicked off and was successfully helping out communities with their crops.

In February 2018, Reaching Cambodia supported a rural project where a donation was made towards food where the children had been suffering hunger for a number of days.  Though the problem was not solved it was eased until other entities supported the cause.



The team travelled to Cambodia in early 2019 and decided to pamper the children to a weekend break in Kep.  Residential Centres in Cambodia should benefit of at least one weekend break throughout the year to abide by the law.  As one may imagine such a ‘mini’ holiday at the beach was fantastic for the kids.

The medical project continued to develop full speed ahead.  The children are now undergoing dental check ups every 6 months.  Additionally through the help of volunteers the children are learning more about disease prevention and improving their first aid skills.