See You Again

Goodbyes are always hard.  I knew these two weeks would come to an end.  The children also knew that we had two weeks, none the less it was not easy on any of us.  We promised ourselves we wouldn’t drop a tear in front of the children and to a certain extent we did not.

Our journey at SFODA residential centre has come to an end though yet again this is not the end.  It is another boost towards another year of hard work.  We’ve confirmed another year of aid towards nutrition, stability on staff salaries and we have kicked off the medical project which is in its very early stages.  Now that we have blood results at hand we have a way forward to help individual children who need medical attention and we know we need to enhance their overall health.  Today first vaccinations have been administered.  Majority need vitamins, minerals and calcium supplements and we’ve promised our help.  SFODA knows that our word has been always reliable and they rely on that.  We shall not be breaking any promises.

The fun day had to end with a sad note of goodbye but the children dedicated us a  very meaningful song; See You Again, which made matters for us harder.  Referring to children, I intend all SFODA.  This year even the elder ones in their late teens showed their sad emotions of our departure.  Throughout these two weeks we had time to sit and chat, talk of their dreams and their future which we shall be part of in case they need.

Now that this part of the journey has come to an end we are off towards another project for a first.  We were recently contacted that a remote community needs help and we shall be dedicating our next two weeks towards these.  It is not yet confirmed such shall be part of a new project.

For the time being we know that SFODA is our main priority besides XEMX project and so far that is our priority and future.