Recovering the Jet Lag

The alarm clock snoozed a couple of times and for a moment I thought I woke up late to work, half asleep thinking I’m in my bed back home.  I was not.  I’m in Cambodia and it’s the first day we are meeting the children.  We were all excited and restless.

Since we set foot in Cambodia it’s been rather a non-stop.  We spent our Sunday, in a 5hr meeting discussing a way forward at SFODA, the residential centre we have been working with relentlessly for the past year.  That’s a great way to spend a Sunday to recover from jet-lag! 🙂  Well, joking aside, it was certainly a good chat between friends with the knowledge that together we can continue improving the children’s current situation.

We learned of stories of children we had not yet met who came to be part of SFODA residential centre just a week ago.  Stories that do not solely break the heart but the soul and make you wonder how humanity got to such a stage – yet again make you reconsider – given that in the end these children have been welcomed in such a centre so fondly.

Today, like any other first day in SFODA – felt just right.  Though there are new premises and new children it still has that amazing homey feeling to it.  Didn’t take longer than 5 minutes to be acknowledged by the new children.  A possession to which the former ones needed reassurance that they still have their own special place in our hearts and tested our memory in the knowledge of their names.  Needless to say – we scored 100%.

As the day drifted, we covered new vocabulary and emphasised on that through the different activities of the day.  Haven’t still actually got accustomed to the new routine we set ourselves but we know we will be banging it tomorrow. 😉