Pizza Night

Last Friday, we gathered together for another fundraising event at Melita Gardens Salina for a pizza, some good company and a chat among friends.  The initial idea was to raise funds which could aid in projects being postponed over and over again due to others taking priority.

Friday afternoon, the purpose altered dramatically after a phone call received where we were informed that a child at the residential centre was very unwell after a bad fall whilst playing.  He was admitted into Intensive Care and had to undergo several tests to determine if there was any brain damage.  The child is now no longer in Intensive Care and all seems to be resolving for the better.

If it was not for the kind hearted people who attended the event, the ones who topped up with a donation and Melita Gardens Salina for their help, we would not be able to support such unplanned medical bills, a thought that is better left un-thought of!

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you ALL!!! xxx

Sum raised; € 695.00