Perspectives of Life

I recognise that all the people who cross our path in life do so for a reason.  Some stay long, others briefly; but some leave their mark permanently.  One can choose to look the other side, but deep down, they will always be present.  I know that the majority of those who did mark mine, live on this side of the globe and looking the other way is not in the agenda.

Our journey has nothing to do with that of any volunteer.  Our time here serves as a reminder to meet once again those we have dedicated the past four years of our lives to.  But it doesn’t even end here like that of many volunteers.  It is just the dose of stamina needed for another year of work, which is often essential.  As any other life’s duty it brings delusions and satisfactions.  However, a degree of attachment to this place is obvious.  There are children who automatically I feel more inclined to.  A gesture or a note received during my time here most times tends to work wonders for the tough moments faced throughout the year.

I notice the little things.  I learned to appreciate the improvements even though they might seem minimal to an outsider’s eye.  Year after year, I observe that SFODA have indeed worked wonders on the children keeping into consideration the limitations of the place.  I do not regret the support given to help out with the staff salaries.  If it weren’t for them, the kids would be in the same conditions we found them four years ago.  Then there are people like the director herself who has put her soul into the job.  I’ve seen the way she talks to the children individually – though this language is still a mystery to me and never understanding a word of it, hearing her voice manages to transmit the serenity these children need.

These children have lost everything; their parents, their families, some lost their siblings.  Many have seen or gone through things in life we can’t even think of, yet here they found a substitute for a family.  They found brothers and sisters in each other, who more or less have gone through same difficulties in life.  They found a safe haven, a reference point, which may be seen as stability.  I’ve never seen children requesting the impossible, nor children crying making tantrums.  Neither a fall or an accidental hit, makes them shed a tear.

They learned to win in the game of life.  Maybe I ought to learn from that.  Not to grumble but look ahead.  The world would be better if seen through their eyes.  Surely there will be smiles in life which would follow 🙂