Life Teachings

It’s official.  I’m exhausted, drained, dead.  Don’t even have the energy to lift my two feet, but if you would ask me if I’ll be back tomorrow, I’d say yes, to the children without hesitation in no time.

Today is Meak Bochea Day.  In our language – it’s a holiday, hence children have no school, no teachings, no lessons whatsoever.  So basically, it’s just us through the whole day.  60 children make up SFODA varying from 1 year to 20 years of age.  Keeping them entertained for seven hours is not a piece of cake :/ yet it’s exhilarating.

Since we were prepared, we chose to organise ourselves for another ‘Make Your Sandwich’ session – this way we would not have left anyone out.  As soon as we took their aprons out – they went euphoric.  Their facial expressions changed as their taste buds loved what they were having.  This is what keeps surprising me here in Cambodia.  The children though thankful and visually show they really loved something, most come to personally thank you.  Nothing is taken for granted.

The day went by activity after activity.  There are times where I wonder if I’m doing enough.  Yet again my mind sets at rest when I feel approved not solely by the children but also the teenagers, nannies and director herself who join in.  When I see all three of us struggling to frantically prepare the next activity with children attached all over us, I feel a sense of relief.  They cling like mini-octopuses all in need of a piece of you, all craving for that moment of your attention.  We promised a phone call to our team member back in Malta, only to realise that the call was long overdue.  There is no time to pose for photos or to have a 5-minute break or even to say be right back.  Even a trip to the loo becomes challenging.  However, all in all, it is the most gratifying feeling of all.

As we revise the topics of the past days, not the traditional revision but through games we realise they crave for learning and education and thankfully our teachings are being delivered.

Truly, though by the end of this trip, I’m sure it will not be them who learned most from but I’ll be the one to have been taught another life lesson.