Hugs meaning the World

By, 6am my eyes were wide awake.  I couldn’t stay another minute in bed.  This placement is way to short to waste any time in bed.  Being just 3 in this trip we knew before we left our shores that this time things were going to be different.

Like anything else in life, it has it’s own advantages and disadvantages.  The worst thing is the fact that we thought we might not cope well with the children.  The best thing that turned out to be, is that we know the majority individually.  It’s a non stop job – the time we spend at SFODA can’t be described as flying but speeds like crazy.  All set in a timely manner the three of us working hand in hand as a teamwork should always be.  There are no 1st time volunteers to care of or who fail to do their assigned duty – so improvisation is not in our agenda.  It’s just plain activities planned carefully teaching anything that is not learned at school, however give them the possibilities to learn more to believe in themselves and enhance their potential.  Today they prepared their very first ham and cheese sandwich – should have seen the look on their faces spreading the butter!

The simple things – cost too little but are as effective as the biggest sum.  Walking them to school today, was a first for many and it clearly showed that it filled their heart with joy and frankly say – filled mine as well.  I remembered of my school days, and my happiness when mum walked me to school.  Today, I saw that reflected in the eyes of these children.  Though independent they are still kids and we could see their appreciation as they waved back with their widest grins ever.  One though ran back to hug me.  These kind of hugs, these are what makes the world go round, at least my own.

Back at the centre, a mini-meeting awaited us.  The last polish to the Medical Project which has had some changes to it and final touches to the Screening and Vaccination parts of the project will hopefully kick off while we are still here.  Our afternoon is spent with around half of the children – and hence we have more quality time to donate each.  We focused on teamwork, on inclusion and friendship through the different games and activities – among which was making play dough all together.

I swear in moments like this, I would freeze the time and realise why all the sacrifices make the efforts worthwhile.