Goodbye, Till Next Time

And there it goes.  The much awaited two weeks annually fly by.  To make matters worse it doesn’t get any easier to say goodbye though everyone at SFODA knows we’ll be always back.

The day started off at XEMX.  The final recommandations to the students were given for the coming year.  Customized items ordered last week were finalised on time and the latest products created will be arriving in Malta shortly.

We headed for SFODA half heartily knowing it was our last of everything.  It was granted that it was not going to be easy on the heart and in fact it was not.  Since the very morning, tears started to well up.  We distributed the clothes donated brought all the way from Malta, then gave a round of cakes and milk drink.  Ms. Moninarom, director of SFODA, and a woman whom I deeply respect came to thank me for the gestures we showed towards the the children in the past two weeks.  Being felt appreciated was just the first episode to break me.  A serious of photos followed, everyone feeling the need of the last memoir.

Children then lined us up and came out handing us handmade paper necklaces for Valentine’s Day.  It was a present we were not ready to receive.  We then thought of keeping the theme and sat down for some crafts.  Today, no one felt concentrated enough for academic lessons.  The children were given carte blanche to design Valentine’s cards and surprisingly the majority of them dedicated their cards to Reaching Cambodia.  It was then time to paint on a white cloth provided.  A group project for us and the children, an idea which SFODA came up with.
Time, today, drifted away too quickly and when it was time to say goodbye, it was also the time for heart twinging.  It’s the moment you regret happening though everyone  knew that this had an end.  After all volunteers departed and together with the children we waved goodbye, it was our turn.  Children wouldn’t let us leave.  They pulled us away from our tuk tuk and blocked us to forbid us from leaving.  Children filled the tuk tuk and only after a scold  from the nannys that they obeyed.  As our tuk tuk departed the children ran behind it, till their legs could not run any faster…