Day 5: Cheeky Thursday

There comes a time in life when something within gives us the comfort that we are accomplishing what we were meant for in this world.

It might sound as a proud statement. It is not.  I am fully aware that these kids mean the world to me.  Tiring as it may be, the time I spend with them is magical.  I love playing jokes on them.  I love watching them laugh, grow, learn.  I love teaching them all I know, at the same time I also give them the occasional scold when they fight between them. I know they don’t like it when I give them time outs and they hate it when I refuse they do to their liking.  Yet, they still look around for me. They tease me, they play jokes on me, they hug tightly.

This bond has been created over the past five years. Now we know that this weekend will be even more meaningful for all of us.  Today, after years of asking us if we could possibly ever finance a weekend break for them we broke the news which the staff were all already aware of.  As they were gathered to watch the video of last year’s experience, we told them that tomorrow we are off for the weekend.  This is very typical that volunteers usually do, us included.  Then, softly we broke the news…’But this time you are coming with us’….It took them a while to realise what we were telling them.

We are off to Kep, in south Cambodia where the beaches are still beautiful and nature is still intact.  They were given instructions by the management who told them how they would be divided in the rooms, the meal plans and the rules.  The smile on their faces spoke wonders.

One can imagine what it was like in the afternoon.  They were so excited they couldn’t stay still.  To distract them from the news, we prepared another cooking lesson for them where each prepared their own wrap.  The idea started off that they choose between a soft cheese or peanut butter, ham, chicken or tuna wrap but it ended a mix of everything together.  It did not look good for our tastes but then we realised that here pizzas are served with seafood, sausages and pineapple and they still find them divine.  They devoured their individual wraps – so did the staff who joined in the cooking classes.

For our last hour at the Residential Centre the children joined forces to chant and protest that they wanted a movie.  They wouldn’t stop at all cost…so we decided to play a joke on them; after asking permission of course!  We put them in two separate groups telling them we were to switch on the movie and decided to spray water on them.  Their facial expressions that we fooled them made us feel bad but their revenge on us was epic!!

We left them all excited as they started to pack for tomorrow so that we leave all together early morning for a four hour bus trip away.