Day 4: Ray of Light

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade, they say.  When life give you lemons here in Cambodia, it is also challenging to find the ingredients needed to make the lemonade.

It was extra special today.  Besides that today was our first cooking class; rock buns, which was executed without any snitches; we have now got accustomed to the daily routine.  Each of us observes the kids changes since last year and we spend hours post placement discussing them.  Bear in mind that here we are 6 hours ahead of Malta.

I was personally impressed by the improvements achieved by a child with special needs in the past year.  The little man who will soon turn 7 has started only recently to go to school and has made giant steps since.

He came from school today, undid his satchel, approached his nanny for a kiss, turned to Silvan for some rough games, asked me to lift him up demanding more kisses and then squeezed me tight.  He then headed to Luana for more affection  and finally before his lunch, he went to the  Director of the centre and respectfully as customs here oblige, he bowed to her as she lovingly bowed back.  He ate his lunch by himself cleaning up once finished, offering food to us a hundred times.

As if it was not enough he is now is capable of participating in some activities with the others such as drawing.  This could have never been achieved a year ago.

On the other hand, there are those teenage girls who have gone into puberty.  A particular twelve year old who used to worry us all for her excessive clinging, is now maturer.  She no longer expects us to care for her only.  Instead she lends us a hand whenever needed, helps with clean ups after activities and gathers the others to pay attention. She is no longer a child and she is growing beautifully.

These positive changes give us hopes, that there is a ray of light for the future, hopefully it will turn into a beam of light.  In the meantime we are sleeping excited as tomorrow we shall be breaking some news to the kids.  Stay posted 😉