Day 3: We’re Dead


We knew it was not going to be easy.  We knew that there is no comparison between their energy and ours but they literally drained the energy out of us.  Seriously.

At the time being, children have no school in honour of Chinese New Year, which means that we have all the bulk of kids between  3.  The morning lessons were carried out diligently.  Homeworks were done by the majority of the students and corrected just before the lesson.   Then just after lunchtime today they seemed to have totally renergised.

And they decided to consume every little energy we had.  During the craft lesson we opted for the creation of a Chinese Dragon which, though they did manage to complete it; getting them to work within a team seemed like a punishment for them.  Contrarily they did team up to effortlessly beat us up at tug of war game.  The challenges faced here for volunteers are more related to their learning of soft skills.

There is no doubt about the level of energy they left us with today.  None the less, we realise that the reason why they are all so clingy, fighting for our attention all the time, asking for guidance even in the simplest things is all a result of having to learn to be independent at an age where one should be cuddled.