Day 2: Back to Basics

‘Education is the foundation upon which we build our future’ – Christine Gregore

We chose to follow a different teaching strategy for 2019 after some advice. The idea was to divide the children accordingly to their educational level thus giving them better opportunities to learn as well as more individual attention. Frankly say it was easier than expected.

We spent the morning in three separate groups, Silvan with the Intermediate students, Luana with Beginners 2, and I with Beginners 1. We had a different curriculum prepared for each class and the kids loved the idea. As in all classes there are those who long to learn and the ones who are less cooperative, however each was fruitful in it’s own way.

We had prepared an afternoon of activities but today was so hot!! 37°C!!  We had to limit the activities to just a few and at 3pm we opted to watch an old Disney cartoons; The Little Mermaid.  They loved every second of it, except for the last kissing part…seems like they are still in the phase of considering kissing as disgusting.

This year, there is a different feeling to the whole experience.  The kids appear closer to us more than ever, their body language, attitude & ways of showing they care is on a whole new different level and the connection with them is even stronger.

We’re already dreading the departure.