Day 13: Not Much to Say

The day we all dreaded came.  This morning we had nausea and palpitations.  You can blame it on anything but knowing we were heading for our last trip was surely the culprit.

I won’t go into the details of the day.  All is still too fresh to speak of and it’s not easy to share publicly a broken heart.  I shall go to the key point of the day.  Throughout all the two weeks kids gave us all sort of notes, yesterday we spent a couple of hours writing down a short personalised note to each of them.  They held to it as if it was a treasure and that’s when the domino effect started.

Saying goodbye is never easy.  Saying goodbye to them gets more painful each time.  It’s not just the kids, who are so loving and each in their own grief the separation, even the staff.  Some cling, others can’t understand why we can’t stay, some just simply refuse to say goodbye.  There is a mix of emotions and attitudes.  This time there were the teenagers who have created a special bond with us, who with welled up eyes find comfort aware that we shall be back; they got used to it now.  All the staff got emotional too which was not helpful either.  They shall all be missed dearly.

As the tuk tuk drove away, we returned for the last time to our quarters in silence, occasionally noticing a tear rolling down each of our cheeks.