Day 12: Love Every Single Day

The more time spent here, the more I realize how little I know of a country I grew to call ‘home’.  It’s a country of contrasts of deep sorrow and lots of love.

Today being Valentine’s Day  the children had University students and monks visit them.  Though they were surrounded with many new people during the morning they still found a way to evade and to come to us for a hug or a high five.  They panicked when they saw us leaving early morning, thinking we took the day off, however we reassured them we would be back in no time.  We ran off with one of the staff to get them the much needed underwear.  The conditions they live in, make it difficult to maintain certain garments for long so these need to be replaced often.

During the ceremony the monks gave children blessings and some words of guidance.  We did not understand a word, but we noticed the elder ones and nannies shedding a tear.  Later when we were having a chat with  the elder girls they explained that some of them were feeling low and we discovered that the monks were telling them of the love of a mother to her child so they all thought of their mums.  Let’s face it, to us this seemed kind of out of context.

To us, we are aware of the love our mothers have given us and their unconditional love towards us even now during adulthood.  They reminded us of the love we should show our mums every single day and how lucky we are to have them.  Amongst all these emotions & thoughts, a thirteen year old girl whom I’ve known since she was eight, gives me a hug and tells me; ‘I’m not sad, to me you are my mummy’.  I swear I had to fight back the tears as these words are more powerful when they come from a teenager.

Children have been asking since last Monday if tomorrow is our last day.  Today they’ve been trying to bargain with us to stay for a year.  As we explained why we can’t stay, they tried to bargain for a month, then it went down to next Sunday then to spend the last night with them.  Little do they know that we carry them in our hearts all year long.

Just before we were off, the majority of them explained that they are sad about tomorrow being our last day.  We hope to manage to fight off tears as we say our goodbyes.