Day 11: Magic is Everywhere

I have no idea how teachers, childcarers or mothers express their relationship with kids.  Besides the voluntary work with kids, my only other experience is being an aunt of three beautiful souls who manage also to bring out the magic in life.

Same is with the kids here.  They manage to find the positive aspects of everything.  They even manage to make you laugh when you are more inclined to give up.  This morning to get them to do exercises was a challenge so we challenged them to  ‘May the strongest Win’ game.  Whereas they made a fuss to do planks, sit ups and push ups during a normal routine exercise, a 20second plank seemed to be a piece of cake.  Luana, who was directing the challenge was burned-out by the end.  They were ready for more.

Today’s cooking class was about homemade burgers and french fries.  The teamwork they all pitched in from chore to another was wonderful.  The excitement that they had because  today they were having burgers  was unbelievable.  I can’t recall ever being excited about such a simple burger, probably coz I know I can have it anytime I feel like.  This is magic.

There are little things here which gives us a sense of peace and joy.  An unplanned balloon party brought them out of their resting hideouts following lunch.  The smiles on their faces as they played, unwilling to let their balloon touch the floor was worth a million dollars.

As late afternoon approached, they requested a bingo game again all with the intent to win a marshmallow.  That was all the price requested; a single marshmallow.  Automatically our softy side gave one to all with each win.  Then there are moments where we know that long English sentences won’t get us far, yet the smaller ones manage to understand.  A little five year old after asking him to sharpen his pencil at the bin not on the desk obeyed without any hassle.  How was he to understand if he’s never spoken a word of English?!

We struggle at times to keep order, yet many of them comply with us only when they realise that we are giving up.  Though kids, and many have no fluent understanding of the English language, they manage to understand every singular gesture of us volunteers.  They see us as friends not authority and therefore feel free to do more to their liking.

Then there are those moments where they know that with a singular look in their eyes, they manage to melt our hearts and we forgive any wrongdoings.

That is the magic kids have.  They may be wittier than us, they know who to trust, they are aware who loves them and they are simply the best humans on earth.