Day 10: Moving Ahead

The end is getting closer, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to be an easy one.  The children are already asking questions how far away this Friday is, so together we are crossing off the days.

We kicked off the day with joining in for a Maths lesson in Khmer.  These lessons are held in-house to help the children with their teachings.  Our long division was rusted, so after a quick explanation from one of the kids we were able to help the others.  Lee, the teacher was appreciative of our  help and after class showed us the kids’ copybooks and the curriculum being followed.

After cooking class today where all kids collectively joined efforts, we sat them down for a movie as impatiently they awaited the oven to do it’s job.  We took the opportunity to speak with the program manager and discuss some of the kids’ cases.  She knows each child well, their needs and their character.  She shared with us her worries about some, the virtues of others and asked for advice.  The teenagers here can stay at the Residential Centre until they reach full independence, however if they do not want to either study or work they have to leave – which is only fair.

She shared the worries of the developing children which are many at present, the taboo in Cambodia regarding sexual education and that even for adults the knowledge is rather limited.  We discussed future plans of medically oriented volunteers who can help with such education.  Together we discussed plans of teenagers who wish to enroll in trade schools and our plan to aid them.

There is never an end to this job but there is a team of dedicated staff, who work around the clock for the kids, and we are there to support them to the best of our abilities through recruiting volunteers and supporting projects.  To be considered as family for them, and that they openly talk about it means a lot to us – enough to motivate us for another year ahead.