Clean Safe Water – Vital Necessity

Water…the very basic to life.  Clean, safe water however is not available to everyone.  Often one wonders how villages with hundreds of people survive without having access to such a basic, vital necessity.  Often, however, paying the high price of health issues or even death.

During a trip to Takeo province, Reaching Cambodia founders could see the issue water presents to this village.  With no access to flowing water, being a province situated in the countryside, water is a problem faced daily.  During the trip we could see the only water source that the village has.  Large pottery containers collect the rain that pours down during the monsoon season, but it is not enough to survive on during the dry season.  As a result, villagers dug these muddy holes, located sparingly here and there in their lands, and collect water to drink from them.  It is really difficult for us, who have the luxury of access to clean running water to really understand how one could ever drink such muddy, filthy water.

Unfortunately, due to such difficult circumstances, often villagers and their children become sick and with no access to medicine or hospitals, their situation usually deteriorates hastily.  LRDE, knowing we could not turn our backs on such a situation, asked if Reaching Cambodia would finance the project of supplying the village with water filters.

The water filters shall provide clean, safe water to the villagers of Takeo province.  A whole village will now have access to clean water.  Clearly it is one of those projects which takes priority over anything else and today the village is celebrating clean water for the first time….

Once again, this project would not have been possible without the help of all of you who follow and support Reaching Cambodia all year round.  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

Project Cost: $350.00