SFODA Orphanage is residential/drop-in centre, home to around 51 children ranging between babies to 18 years of age.

The main target beneficiaries of SFODA are children infected and/or affected by HIV/AIDS, children-victims of trafficking, orphans and abandoned babies.  SFODA helps children and youth have a better future through access to safe shelter, recreational and cultural activities, adequate formal and non-formal education, vocational training skills, thus leading to their own business, employment, and successful family reintegration.

Reaching Cambodia and SFODA have been partners since 2013 working together to help achieve these goals.  Since January 2017, Reaching Cambodia has committed to support SFODA with better payrolls for staff, food for children & healthcare, in addition to donations in kinds with every group of volunteers and support for additional needs such as mosquito nets, shoes etc.  Reaching Cambodia is also supporting child sponsoring at SFODA.

Volunteers work at SFODA for 8 hours on a daily basis and aid in daily chores as needed such as cooking, washing & basic maintenance.  Interactive lessons in Maths, English, Science, Crafts, Music and Physical Activity are included in daily routines.

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