Another Two Successful Months

While in Malta, June and July have been all about temperatures rising, it has not been much different in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, none the less no temperature rise will slow us down.

Another two successful months as LRDE have been supplied with over $650.00 donated towards causes being financed by YOU; our followers and friends, who are always present at fundraisers.  Haircuts + hygiene improvement and supplies + the additional food and plenty of that; to nourish the little ones into stronger muchkins and adolescents alike.  70kg of meat have been supplied to craving tummies, over 150 haircuts to bushy hairs and the significant number of over a THOUSAND free showers all supplied thanks to your attendance during fundraisers…

Asking benefactors to continue pouring money is not in our style, but asking you to join Reaching Cambodia for fun nights out with friends and family for a good cause – that is our style…meeting each one of you, thanking you for what you do, for the projects you allow us, to improve is actually our style… see you next Sunday, at the Acoustic Night in the meantime,


Reaching Cambodia Team