2017 Annual Pasta Night

It’s over and it’s another success!!

The annual Pasta Night is the kind of event that takes up and drains us of all energy – before and after.  In our lives, we never organised events this big.  The count was up to 294 attendees and it is not an easy task to do organise such an event from scratch.

We are the caterers, the attendants, the entertainers, the hosts.  By we, we mean the amazing team behind.  The kitchen was manned by the now veteran Martin Fenech who has been with us since the first pasta night.  A great team behind him; made up of Nathalie, Chris, Yakof & Tessie assisted in the smooth sailing of supplying all those present with a starter of tomato bruschetta and pasta whilst also catering for those with any food intolerance; whether they were gluten or lactose intolerant or any other…

The floor was managed by team member Charlene, together with Janet who did an excellent job together with an amazing group of young dedicated people: Claire, Francesca, Darren, Christabelle, Kyle, Ingrid, Kyra, Karl, Michael and Monica. Luana and Denise both team members were  officially runners but just as everyone else swapped between duties wherever needed.

The bar was super busy especially at the beginning where everyone claimed their free drink…our boys Laurent and Andrew were excellent bartenders.

For the first time we had a couple of stands of which proceeds helped out to raise the final sum.  Christianne and Michela were responsible of mincemeat jar sales and attending the XEMX product station.

Guests were able to stand up for food for as many times as they liked and to end it all up, ice-cream was served as well as tea and coffee to finish off the hearty meal.  Some lucky guests had their raffle tickets drawn by children who finished off the evening.

Silvan Farrugia, the foundation’s president thanked the guests and sponsors who lent a hand and described the vaccination programme towards which the funds raised during the event will be directed to.  A spontaneous unanimous applause filled the air.

All would not have been possible without the help of sponsors: Smart Supermarket, Dew Fresh, Granola Ice-Cream & Tancred V. Camilleri Ltd.

Sum raised: € 3,862.29